Dwelling: neighborhood religion

Given its unique religious diversity, Mumbai is an ideal place to study the ways in which religious factors contribute to the forging of structures and relations in the day-to-day life of the population.

This subproject aims to look at two selected multireligious neighborhoods (one in South Mumbai and one in Navi Mumbai) as composite spaces of socio-religious dynamics. It studies multireligious spaces under several related aspects, such as the cultural forms of ‘everyday peace’ (Ring 2006), the perception of opportunities of multireligious dwelling, and patterns of intercultural and interreligious communication. It also inquires into the consequences of past religious conflicts for the perception of neighborhood residents with differing religious backgrounds: How does the religious factor affect complex neighborhood relations?

This subproject is a comparative urban ethnography that provides insights into contemporary urban life in a multilayered, multireligious society.

Project by István Keul